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Pool And Spa Services

Pool & Spa Services We Offer


Weekly Maintenance

Simply Clear Pool & Spa Service can make every day a great pool or spa day for you with our excellent weekly maintenance services. We offer short-term, long-term, and seasonal weekly maintenance programs depending on your service needs and budget. With us, you also enjoy the flexibility to extend your program by a few extra weeks, if needed. Our regular pre-scheduled maintenance program includes a range of services such as testing and balancing water chemistry, vacuuming, as well as cleaning the scum line and filter baskets!

Cleanup Of Green Pools

Cleanup Of Green Pools

Has your pool begun to look cloudy or green? Hire Simply Clear Pool & Spa Service to eliminate algae and get your pool from green to clean. No matter how dirty and impossible the task looks, we have the best pool crew equipped with excellent cleaning products and techniques to clean any commercial or residential pool. We have the skills and experience to determine the right treatment plan and correct chemicals to get the job done quickly and efficiently!


Start-Ups For New Pools

If you have just installed a pool in your backyard or have recently got your pool plastered, using the right startup techniques and procedures is important. The main objective in opening up the newly built or plastered pool is to clear the plaster scale (dust) and to achieve balanced and stabilized water chemistry quickly. Our pool service crew is familiar with the local water conditions as well as environmental factors and can create the right start-up procedure to protect the pool finish and offer you the best pool experience during summer.

Spa Draining And Cleaning

Spa Draining And Cleaning

With every use, tiny remnants of chemicals from various products as well as organic waste are left over in your spa. Over time, this waste can build up and start impacting the spa’s water balance and water clarity, making it unfit for use! We provide professional spa draining and cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers at competitive rates. Our detailed service program ensures a thorough cleanup, including the plumbing structures, and disinfecting the surfaces to deliver you the best results!

Solar Start Up

Solar Start Up And Shut Down

Do you own swimming pools or spas functioning on solar energy? Our talented technicians can open and close solar pools and spas for you. With our expert services, rest assured knowing that your pool or spa as well as other equipment is handled safely and will be set up correctly for the summer or winter season. Our services can be customized according to your special needs. Talk to our experts to find out what we can do for you in our professional pool and spa opening and closing services!

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